Even though pet relocation and veterinary services may seem mutually exclusive, in reality, it is closely tied and necessary. To this end, our company has both veterinary and non-veterinary personnel to serve your every need. Our veterinary team conducts vaccination, blood tests and check-ups regularly. This is the core value that our team brings to the relocation process.

We conduct various blood tests in our mini-laboratory, if possible and export many more blood samples according to IATA regulations to perform a wide variety of internationally approved tests, most notably the Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test (RNATT) also known as FAVN.

In the event of an emergency, our centre will step in as soon as we can to cater for any problem ranging from skin allergy issues to gastrointestinal infections. We work with the quarantine facility closely and monitor the condition of our pets under our care and those that are in the quarantine centre. We are ideally located in the middle of the journey from the quarantine centre to KL city centre.

Having said that, keeping up with our desire to provide smooth relocation services, we take every precaution to know the medical condition of pets before moving ahead with the relocation. While we will conduct investigations to make this so, the onus is on the owner to inform us of possible red flags in the event of any discrepancy in behaviour or relevant previous medical problems affecting your pets.

We look forward to serving you.


Dr Dev Arumugam
Technical Manager

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