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Our company realises that the journey for you and your pets from Malaysia, Singapore or a Non-Approved Country to Australia or New Zealand can be a long and arduous process. This is why we have designed a perfectly curated package to aid you and your family over the 8-9 months prior to your pet’s relocation.

Malaysia & Singapore have been categorized as Approved Countries (Category 3 & 2). Pets from approved countries are ELIGIBLE for direct import to Australia or New Zealand.

On the other hand, pets from Non-Approved Countries can pass through our centre in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia en route to the PEQ Quarantine Centre at Mickleham, Melbourne or the Quarantine Centre at Auckland. Pets from non-approved countries spend about 45 days (Aus) or 180 days (NZ) at our centre in Kuala Lumpur on average before being sent by cargo to Melbourne International Airport or Auckland International Airport.

Our company has been serving the needs of pet owners that require assistance to relocate their pets to Australia and New Zealand since 2011. Over the years we have developed a reputation as one of the leaders in pet relocation services in South East Asia, specifically pet relocation to Australia and New Zealand.

Our top non-approved countries in descending order are Indonesia, India, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Nepal and Vietnam. Other countries that we have served before includes Iran, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Pakistan.

Hence, when it is time to relocate your precious pets to Australia or New Zealand, our team will be there to guide you from the start to the end.

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Shamilee Kumar
Pet Relocation Executive

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