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Get a basic overview of ticks.




User Avatar Dr Devan Arumugam

A keen naturalist since young, Dr Devan has championed his passion into adulthood and sees himself as a defender of nature. After winning a scholarship to do his A-Levels at Raffles Junior College Singapore, he followed that up with another scholarship to the UK to study Veterinary Medicine from the Public Service Department of the Malaysian Government. He later continued to work as a veterinarian at a large veterinary centre and regular locum at an emergency centre in Essex, the UK for a few years. During this time he has attended two specialised year-long modular courses in the UK and various international veterinary conferences. In 2011 he started his own 24-hour veterinary centre and founded what is today the largest pet relocation startup in the region that has grown to serve pets entering and exiting all over major cities in South East Asia. In 2016, he founded a data & strategy management consultancy that deals with corporate public health policies including the control of zoonotic diseases, among other areas. His broad exposure and undertakings have given insight into dealing with the global threat of emerging and re-emerging diseases. Dr Devan is a hobbyist birder, free-diver, safari-goer and trekker that has ventured all over Asia, Europe and Africa over the last two decades. He is committed to saving the last few tigers in Malaysia before they end up extinct. He is keen to share his knowledge and experience with all keen students and colleagues. He is a perpetual student, eager to complete one graduate qualification after another to enhance his professional standing and contribute greatly to society.

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